U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 1, 2015

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Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 1, 2015! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision!


Regional Directors

Junwei Zhang

Marg Engholm

Zhi Gang Liu

Tiantao Cai

Jie Zhang

Charles Shen Wang

Jee Ling Fung

Xiu Jiang Xie

Wen Han Sun

Harry Sun

Mal Nam Joo

Li Xun Chen

National Directors

Rong Zhou

Guo Li

Li Wen Shi

Shaodong Liu

Li Jun Zhang

Jing Hua Han

Lijun Shi

Chooi Eng Oon

Executive Directors

Victoria Song

Li Liu



Regional Directors

Barbara Noble

Artha Stokka

Janette Carter

Sylvia Altsman

Joshua Zepeda

Evelyn Lu

Scott Delboccio

Hee Bok Kim

Qian Li

Jingying Lu

Xiaoyan An

National Directors

Matthew Cunningham

Randy Wong

Linh Tran

Tien-Lin Lu

John Bleichner

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