Congratulations to Our New BP5 Canadian and U.S. Directors

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It’s time to recognize our new Directors for BP5!

The following Associates are outstanding performers! Each has displayed exceptional leadership, remarkable diligence and unmatched passion for sharing our mission and products. Kudos to these hard-working Mannatech Champions of the Cause!


Barbara Campbell, ON
Xiaoyong Chen, BC
Candy Chung, BC
Wei Ping Jiang, BC
Kasha Krisa, BC
Kwan Lam, BC
Qian Qian Ma, BC
Yi Wang, BC
Bin Wu, BC
Leung Yin Yip, BC
Feng Zeng, BC
Jenny Zheng, BC
Wei Ying Zheng, BC

An Kun Ma, BC
Li Ju, BC
Samsun Ming Chen, BC
Bingjie Li, BC
Weiying Zhang, BC
Shao Xi Tan, BC
Jiaying Wu, BC
Jie Qing Kuai, BC
Wenge Xu, BC
Michael Chiang, BC
Hemei Yu, BC
Qin Chen, BC
Kang Min Hu, BC
Kang Min Hu, BC
Kang Min Hu, BC
Chow Wing Yee, BC
Yongsheng Chen, BC
Qianwen Zhang, BC
Rong Cheng, BC

Zhong Sun, BC
Kang Min Hu, BC
Design Kio, BC


Xiaoyin Agent, OK
Zully Jf Alvarado, IN
Elsy Delis Anaya, FL
Brian Beers, CA
Maureen A Carey, AK
Chuck Clyde, CO
Richard Dice, CA
Benjamin Duecaster, LA
Maria Esthela Flores, CA
Margaret Greene, MO
Wang Hallie, MD
Jocelyne Hankins, OK
Mieko Hishinuma, CA
Johnathan House, TX
Nicholas Johnson, FL
Oh-Yoon Kim, NY
Maureen Kraemer, RI
Tailin Lee, CA
Yun Juang Pan, NY
Romeo Puzon, WA
Mirna Leticia Rojas Cardona, CA
Hidekazu Seida, CA
Honglei  Shen, WA
Silvia Walsh, ID
Qian Zhang, WA
Yafeng Zhuo, NY

Heath Cowart, LA
Hallie Wang, CA
Jiankun Guo, NY
Kyunghwa Park, CA
Jorge Ivan Arango, FL
Edwin Alberto Chavez, FL

Jiali Chen, CA

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