How to Say It the Right Way in Punta Cana

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We’re getting very excited about the Mannatech Incentive trip coming up this December. Do you know how to say Incentive in Spanish? Incentivos!

We want to ensure you have everything you need for your trip to Punta Cana in December. That includes a few Spanish words and phrases that you might find useful while travelling the area. You will find that a lot of natives of the Dominican Republic speak English, however, it’s still a foreign country and a little help can go a long way.

So, practice these to feel a bit more at home during your stay. Who knows, it may even open some doors for you when you are visiting!

the/a bathroom  –   el/un ban~o

the/a restaurant – el/un restaurante

the/a telephone  –   el/un telefono

help  –   ayuda

money  –   dinero

police  –   policia

I need <something> –   Necesito <thing>

I need help  –   Necesito ayuda.

Where is <something>  –   Donde esta/ <thing>

Where is the restaurant  –   Donde esta/ el restaurante?

Do you have <something> –   Tiene <thing>

Do you have a telephone –   Tiene un telefono?

I do not have <something> –   No tengo <thing>.

I do not have it  –   No lo tengo.

I do not understand  –   No entiendo.

Do you speak English?-   Habla ingles?
Do you understand English?  – Entiende ingles?

Do you speak French? –   Habla frances?
Do you understand French?  – Entiende frances?

I do not speak <language>  – No hablo <language>.

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