Create Your Own Customized Facial Gel Moisture Mask this Holiday Season

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The cold December weather and spending time at home for the holidays, combined with some of Mannatech’s amazing holiday product promos, creates a wonderful opportunity to give your skin a little tender loving care.

Try out this brand-new, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) facial gel moisture mask to give your skin the hydration it needs before you attend your next holiday party or outing.

Create Your Customized Gel Moisture Mask

Create your own one-time use mask. What you will need:


In a small mixing bowl, combine the Emprizone gel with the Lavender and/or the Sweet Almond Mannatech 100% Essential Oils drops, depending on your sensory choice. If you decide to use the Sweet Almond Mannatech 100% Essential Oil, remember that it is used for dilution. For every 2 drops of a scented Mannatech 100% Essential Oil, use 1 drop of the Sweet Almond 100% Essential Oil.


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Using the Customized Gel Moisture Mask in Your Skincare Regimen

After you have created your customized mask, follow these simple steps for optimal results:

  1. First, cleanse the skin using Mannatech’s Ūth™ Cleanser. You’ll always want to apply your mask to fresh, clean skin.
  2. Avoiding the eye area, apply the mask generously to the face, neck and décolleté using your fingertips. Let the mask sit for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Remove the mask by rinsing the face with warm water and a warm, wet cloth.
  4. Apply Ūth Rejuvenation Crème to nourish the skin, which is on sale at 30% off throughout the holidays.
  5. Lastly, moisturize with Ūth Moisturizer to lock in hydration.

Benefits of Your Customized Gel Moisture Mask

  • Emprizone gel is perfect for dry skin, and it contains no oils or pore-clogging ingredients. Emprizone soothes, hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, improves elasticity and firmness, and significantly reduces redness due to irritation. € And now with Mannatech’s holiday promos, when you buy 1 Emprizone gel at more than 10% off and 1 FIRM with Ambrotose® body crème, you’ll receive a FREE scented candle. With one tube of Emprizone gel, you can create approximately four facial masks. Be sure to add Emprizone gel to your automatic order so that you can create your own mask once a week.
  • Lavender Mannatech 100% Essential Oil drops are known for their calming and moisturizing properties. Typically used in massages for its sensory and aroma characteristics, the mask can be created with the aroma of your choosing.
  • Sweet Almond Mannatech 100% Essential Oil drops are known for their moisturizing properties, and are also the oil with the quickest absorption and penetration to the skin.
  • Mannatech’s Generation Ūth Skincare System includes the Ūth Facial Cleanser, Ūth Rejuvenation Crème and Ūth Moisturizer. This three-step system uses a patented microsphere delivery method that is designed to nourish your skin with nutrient-rich ingredients in a time-released pattern. The use of topical antioxidants and natural moisturizers—such as those found in this system—can help protect the skin from free radicals and minimize signs of aging.ŧ

For more information on Mannatech’s 100% Essential Oils, click here.

For more information on Mannatech’s holiday product promos, click here.

To learn more about Mannatech’s Generation Ūth Skincare System, click here.

Add these items to your order today and create your own customized facial mask.


€ Results based on a small clinical trial funded by Mannatech, after four weeks of use.

ŧ Results and timing vary. It is recommended to use product for eight weeks for optimal results.

*Those with almond or lavender allergies should not use the Sweet Almond Mannatech 100% Essential Oil or the Lavender Mannatech 100% Essential Oil products.

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