A Mannatech Story: CrossFit Competitor Attributes Success to Mannatech

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Intense physical challenges require intense attention to diet, according to Canadian CrossFit competitor, Markus Willard. Willard, 33, who recently took second place in a men’s pair CrossFit competition, knows that supporting the body with great nutrition and Mannatech products can help produce great results.

“I religiously take Advanced Ambrotose® capsules and NutriVerus™ powder first thing every morning and also after a workout or dinner,” said Willard. “I also take Ambrotose AO® capsules, PLUS™ capsules and Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 capsules when possible to help with the stress of high-intensity training I place on my body day in and day out. I’ve also used SPORT™ capsules and EM•PACT® drink mix.”

Willard gives credit to his Mannatech protocol that has helped him to realize his potential and push to through to new limits during competition and training. With the support of Mannatech, he has been able create new goals and reach personal bests.

“I know that Ambrotose helps support the ability of the cells in my body to function optimally. Ambrotose, NutriVerus, Omega-3 and other core Mannatech products supply real food nutrients into our bodies, our machines,” added Willard. “Mannatech products supplement my diet. They supply the vitamins and minerals that I need to thrive; and at 33, I continue to advance my health even as I age.

– Markus Willard, CrossFit competitor, Canada


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