Dr. Martin Kassir experiencing M5M℠ in South Africa

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Dr. Martin Kassir, MD, recently traveled to South Africa to promote Ūth Skin Crème and to visit a school that receives M5M-donated PhytoBlend™ powder because of Mannatech’s donation through consumption business model, M5M. As the co-creator of Mannatech’s Ūth Skin Crème, Dr. Kassir wanted to see firsthand how product sales directly impact malnourished children around the world.

Arriving in Johannesburg on Thursday, September 11, Dr. Kassir spoke first at a special Ūth-focused event with over 300 local leaders with whom he shared the science and value of Ūth Skin Crème, concluding with a question-and-answer session.

On Friday, September 12, he visited Sinethemba Pre-School in Cape Town. Dozens of excited children were eagerly waiting to hug him and have their picture taken. The teachers and school administration shared their appreciation for receiving PhytoBlend™ powder with Dr. Kassir. They also shared stories of how the children have become more physically active and mentally stimulated after receiving better nourishment. 

That evening in Cape Town, Dr. Kassir spoke to a gathering of 300 Mannatech Associates, sharing the incredible results people are seeing with Ūth Skin Crème. He also expressed how inspired he was from the school visit and encouraged more sales of Ūth Skin Crème and other Mannatech products to increase donations of nourishment to children in South Africa and throughout the world.

The opportunity to travel to South Africa and witness the direct result of Mannatech’s PhytoBlend™ powder in an underdeveloped community is rare. But the opportunity to invest in children’s lives by fighting malnutrition is available to every associate and customer of Mannatech products. Dr. Kassir saw what a blessing proper nutrition is to young, growing children. If you need more inspiration to sell our products, just ask him for a story or two!

See below for a few pictures from the trip.

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