Forbes Magazine on Direct Selling

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It’s no secret that direct selling (otherwise known as multi-level marketing or network marketing) tends to elicit a wide range of responses from people. Some call it an outright scam while others have heard stories and remain generally leery of the concept altogether. No matter your opinion, it’s a well-known fact inside the industry that building a business based on the direct selling model can not only be personally fulfilling, but also a powerful and effective way to create sustainable income.

While this knowledge is native to those in the direct selling industry, the business world is rapidly identifying the potential this model holds in solving a number of looming financial crises. In an article in the September 2014 issue of Forbes magazine, Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company for Retirement Income,” author and retirement activist Robert Laura goes so far as to say,

“I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.”

Laura, an admitted skeptic at the start of his investigation into the direct selling industry, had a cursory knowledge of the business as well as a familiarity with the stereotypes so often associated with network marketing in general. Intent on “getting the full scoop,” Laura began his investigation not by reviewing earnings reports and interviewing CEOs, but rather by “reaching out to regular everyday people involved in these types of businesses who were willing to skip the hype and offer a transparent view of the programs and give their opinions as to whether this can be a realistic source of retirement income.”

His conclusion at the end of his investigation was this: “I no longer perceive these types of opportunities as money-making pyramid schemes. Instead, I now see it as a way to enhance many of the personal aspects of retirement that are rarely discussed let alone planned for, with the added benefit of supplementing other popular retirement income sources such as pension and social security.”

Other interviews Laura conducted revealed that for a large number of individuals in the industry, the direct selling model offers a rewarding and financially viable alternative to full-time employment outside of the home. Laura summarized the conclusions gleaned from his investigation this way: “I believe the concept of starting a business for retirement income will become one of the most significant trends impacting retirement in the 21st century. But it has to start with redefining entrepreneurship and framing it into a retirement lifestyle.”  

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