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If you’ve ever called in and listened to our Women of Worth calls, you know how fun and informative they are. On September 17, Associate Kathleen Peters interviewed Associate Joyce Oliveto about her journey toward eating and living raw.

Joyce is a Mannatech Presidential, a naturopath and the author of Living Simply Raw, an inspiring and educational book about the raw-food lifestyle. Since the 1980s, Joyce has been creating recipes incorporating raw and live foods. She is also an avid indoor gardener.

Is eating raw difficult?

“It’s not about becoming raw in 30 days, or becoming raw in six months, or becoming raw in a year. The journey to living a life of vibrant health is different for everyone. But it can be achieved. She suggests starting out by eating fifty percent raw and living foods. You will notice a difference visually and physically. And you do not have to be 100% live and raw to experience vibrant health!”

Tell me about any unique recipes that are your favorites?

“One of the favorites for everybody is Better Than Tuna because it tastes just like tuna. And, it’s simply put together with five ingredients. It’s that easy. The texture and the flavor. I used to wrap it in swiss chard and it’s absolutely delicious. You can stuff it in tomatoes and serve it for lunch.”

Can you share how you combine raw food eating with Mannatech products?

“I grow most of my greens in my garden. What I do with my clients is you cannot get what you need for your foods. I incoroprate a lot of our products. We use NutriVerus in every recipe we make. The Ambrotose is something that you can’t taste in anything. We make recipes with OsoLean and Empact. How can you turn someone into using glyconutrients for life?”

Since you’ve built such a wonderful business, can you share with us some of your best business tips?

“I have a couple new associates who are doing walk ins, or cold-calling, to massage centers, nail salons with the Uth information and just going in. Go in and make an appointment. Doesn’t mean you’ll get a yes every time, but you’ll be able to start a conversation. Gathering at the house with Uth and NutriVerus. Talk about it from your heart. The more you get out there,”


Better Than Tuna

6 cups of chopped celery hearts

1 medium sweet onion

1/3 cup lemon juice

½ pound almonds, soaked for 12 hours

3 Tablespoon dry dill weed

½-1 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt


Food Processor Method: Place almonds into the food processor with the chopping blade attached. Process until almonds are ground. Add remaining ingredients and mix until thoroughly combined, about 2-3 minutes.

Champion Juicer Method: Using a Champion juicer with the blank plate installed, alternately run the celery, onion, and almonds through the Champion into a large bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well until thoroughly combined. Let set for 30 minutes to enhance flavor. Stir before serving. Great rolled up in a romaine leaf topped with chopped tomatoes! For beautiful main dish, stuff tomatoes and serve with a salad topped with the delicious Avocado Celery Dressing. Depending on the type of celery, the amount of liquid produced will vary.  You can strain out some of the liquid with a sprout bag, if desired.

If you want to adopt a raw diet into your lifestyle, check out Joyce’s web site and recipe book. Joyce suggests starting out slowly. Have a big salad a day. It doesn’t take much and it’s time saving.

Visit her Website and order her book!

If you want to listen to the podcast, click here.


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