‘Game Changing’ CD Featuring Paul Zane Pilzer Now Available

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On sale now in the U.S. and Canada, is a bombshell CD featuring economist Paul Zane Pilzer called “The Two Economic Tidal Waves” that supports building a business based on Mannatech’s wellness revolution. The CD can be found in the Business Tools section on Mannatech.com.


In this CD, Pilzer explores the megatrends of entrepreneurship and wellness, including the coming economic shift driven by technology. This shift, says Pilzer, will create incredible abundance for those willing to embrace entrepreneurship and the wellness industry.

This CD is a “game-changing tool,” said Mannatech Silver Presidential Luciano Fidalgo, the leader of a multinational Mannatech business. And this tool, he explains in the video, will help Associates qualify prospects by demonstrating the value of building a business based on the wellness revolution that Mannatech leads. Or as Fidalgo says, “the more (of the Two Economic Tidal Waves CDs) you hand out, the more success you will have.”

Watch the video to learn from Luciano Fidalgo on how to use the “The Two Economic Tidal Waves” CD, featuring Paul Zane Pilzer, to build a Mannatech business.

The “The Two Economic Tidal Waves,” featuring Paul Zane Pilzer, is on sale for $10 for five CDs. To order the CD, go to the Business Tools section on Mannatech.com.

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