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Are You as Healthy as You Want to Be?

Each week we will be hosting an online Mannatech “Weekly Product Focus” event. These events are designed to help you close more sales!

New Loyalty Points Detail Page

It is with excitement that we can announce the arrival of a new “Loyalty Points” section of your back office.

Are You Protecting Your Skin Like You Should This Summer?

While there are many health benefits of sun exposure, there are also negative effects on healthy aging. While being proactive and using sun protection is always the best option, you should also keep in mind other proactive steps in helping promote healthy aging and in reducing the visible signs of aging after sun exposure.

Plan to Be Part of the Event of the Year!

The year’s biggest event is just four short months away! For one and half days, you’ll get access to great content that will transform your business.

June is Healthy Aging Month!

Although we are living longer, the question really is: are we living healthier lives as we age into our golden years?

Vincent E. Gallagher: A True American Hero

Memorial Day is a time to pause and remember the brave men and women whose lives were taken all too soon in the line of duty. We would like to thank those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Explore how each of the GI-Biome System™ products can help improve health and how the system works together in supporting optimal digestive and immune system health.*

Introducing Manapol for the World Promotion

The passion and commitment to healthy immune function connects each of us, no matter where we call home. To show our support for our Associates worldwide, we are offering the Manapol® for the World specials.


Your body’s ability to stay healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally actually begins in your gut. When you combine high caloric junk food, inconsistent sleep patterns, and little to no exercise, with massive amounts of stress we encounter daily, you have the perfect storm to negatively affect the wellness of your microbiome and overall gut health.

Digestive Health Series: Statistics 101

In this intro course we will assess the toll that certain decisions and events, like overindulging, stress, sleep loss and holidays, take on our microbiome health. We will evaluate statistical data to support the how widespread the concern is.

The Digestive Health Series Course is Coming Your Way!

Over the next four weeks, the Digestive Health Series will prepare you to identify obstacles in your life affecting your microbiome. Analyze how these obstacles take a toll on other system throughout your body affect overall wellness.