Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with Mannatech’s Refresh & Rejuvenate Program

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New Year’s resolutions are an ancient way of creating a new, positive path that hopefully leads to better health, wealth and outlook. The problem is that while many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, improve our work ethic or be more positive, only about 8 percent of us actually achieve our New Year’s goal.

Many studies show that the resolutions are too broad – “I’m going to lose weight” – that provide few tools to help reach that goal. Finding specific ways to reach your goal tied to specific values is a way to be successful. For instance, you can make a goal of eating 6-8 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables a day or resolve to stop eating fast food. Those specific elements will help you achieve health goals – the value – with a benefit being weight loss.

Studies also show that having a specific path with milestones and tools, including the ability to log your efforts help achieving New Year’s resolutions possible.

For those looking for a way to meet their health goals for 2016, Mannatech’s Refresh & Rejuvenate Purification program includes many of the elements that can help you achieve your resolutions while setting a path for overall all health and wellness.

The Refresh & Rejuvenate Purification Program

The 30-day plan helps support your body’s natural ability to eliminate harmful toxins, encourages weight management and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through nutritious whole foods, naturally sourced supplements and exercise, you can be on your way to a whole new you.

How it Works

The cleanse has two phases: a 10-day Master Cleanse Phase and a 20-day Cleanse Phase. The Refresh and Rejuvenate 30-Day Purification Guide outlines foods, supplements, exercise and other recommendations you’ll need to follow to get started.

ResolveAre you the right candidate for the cleanse?*

The Refresh and Rejuvenate Purification Program is designed to help participants learn to make healthy choices in their diet, daily routines and lifestyle. If you are ready to take on the challenge to becoming a healthier you, then Mannatech’s Refresh and Rejuvenate cleanse is right for you.

Start Now

Are you ready to kick-start 2016? Take on the 30-day challenge now.

For more information on the Refresh and Rejuvenate (R&R) Purification Program, read the R&R Guide, FAQs, Flyer, Daily Intake Journal, Meal Plan and Recipes,Shopping List and watch the video. Stay tuned for more updates on the cleanse and how to make the most out of your commitment to becoming a healthier you.

*Consult with your doctor before making significant changes to your diet or before taking supplements.


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