Korea,Taiwan and Hong Kong Global Incentive. In a word: Paradise!

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Sentido Resort and Spa in Khao Lak was the lush, spectacular venue for the Korean, Taiwan and Hong Kong Global Incentive – and it was amazing!

Associates gave it rave reviews, but it’s not surprising, given the luxurious 5-star service, beautiful Andaman Sea and Thai hospitality. Over 400 Associates enjoyed  local cuisine, Thai massages, white water rafting, forest elephant tracking, a tour of Phanga-Nga National Park – even a Talent Contest! See the pictures below of our Associates in a paradise like none other!

 TaiwanPic1          TaiwanPic2

 TaiwanPic3          TaiwanPic4

 TaiwanPic5          TaiwanPic6

TaiwanPic8          TaiwanPic7

TaiwanPic9          TaiwanPic10

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