Leadership can be challenging, but it comes with great rewards

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“The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is.” – Author Unknown

A Strong Commitment

True leaders hold a bold vision of a future state. What they see would never come into existence without an extraordinary act. So, what do they do? They go out and do something extra-ordinary — something over and above. Something risky and daring, perhaps, but most certainly uncomfortable. Without action, that future state may not come to pass.

The fact that you are signed up to join us and Jason on this 100-Day Challenge, and that you were willing to declare your goal at the outset, shows your commitment to being a leader — and to being uncomfortable. You knew you didn’t have all the answers, yet you demonstrated trust that your commitment, persistence and resourcefulness would carry the day.

Times Can Be Tough

Inevitably, we will all hit a bump or two where the road seems long and challenging. Focusing on a mission, behaving differently, and doing extra-ordinary things can change our patterns, sap our energy, and strain relationships. It’s not unusual to feel quite alone during these times. Moving forward can be difficult as we are encumbered with a heavy heart. But, it’s important to heal the heart in order to create the desired results we’ve declared.

When physical pain manifests, we usually know what to do. We reach out. If we suffer a heart attack, our survival instinct kicks in. People rally to get immediate care.

How Do We Face an Emotional Heartache?

Can we learn to treat a real heartache with the same rapid response to a physical crisis? Of course! If we adopt a practice of ‘self-honoring,’ and acknowledge our feelings without judgment, we would likely respond in a more productive, forward moving approach. Healing is about loving ourselves enough to reach out during difficult times. It’s about knowing that we don’t have to go through challenges alone. People will think highly of us when we ask for help. In turn, we will be more comfortable extending help to others when they need it.

You are part of a team.

You are also part of the Mannatech family!  We are here to help each other. So if you need a little push getting through the next 37 days of the 100-Day Challenge, step up and honor yourself. Ask for support!

If you are feeling strong and grounded, then challenge yourself to reach out and touch just one heart with a kind thought, a gentle word, a brave deed. We promise you there will be one less struggling, aching heart in the world.

Making a difference together, one step at a time.

The Home Team


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