Now You Can Use Your Loyalty Points Sooner

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The Mannatech Loyalty Program is one of the most rewarding benefits available to anyone who receives an automatic order on a regular basis. Simply put, you earn $1 in Loyalty Points for every $5 you spend on automatic orders. Those points can be used for free product as soon as they’re fully vested and redeemable.

And now, you can redeem your points much sooner than ever before. Starting July 12, loyalty points earned on automatic orders placed after your initial three-cycle vesting period (Business Periods for Associates; months for Members) will be redeemable immediately in your next ordering cycle.

The following is an outline of what hasn’t changed, and what has changed:

What Hasn’t Changed

  • You generate an automatic order for three cycles (Business Periods or months) in a row to qualify for the program. This is your initial Loyalty Program vesting period.
  • You earn Loyalty Points on each order, but they are redeemable for free product only after you’ve generated the third order in a row.

What HAS Changed

  • After your initial orders over three consecutive cycles, you continue to earn Loyalty Points on each consecutive order AND THOSE POINTS ARE IMMEDIATELY REDEEMABLE IN THE NEXT BUSINESS CYCLE.
  • After the initial vesting period, you don’t have to wait three cycles for points to vest any longer, as long as you continue to generate auto orders in consecutive business cycles.
  • If you skip a cycle, you lose any unvested points, like before. However, the number of unvested points should be much less because you’ve been vesting points every BP. Also, you will need to requalify for the Loyalty Program by generating an auto order in three consecutive cycles again (your new “initial vesting period”).

This improvement represents massive benefits for you. We are continually looking for ways to reward our most loyal customers. By earning redeemable points faster in the program, you can now get free product sooner and more often.

And, if you are sharing Mannatech with friends and family, share this great news with them, too! Make sure they’re taking advantage of the program, staying on automatic order and regularly using their points for free product.

Let us know if you have any questions.

In the meantime, go redeem your points!

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  1. Pat says:

    can I change product in auto order and still qualify in the loyalty program

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