Three Point Plan Mastermind Workshop

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This past week, July 8, 9, 10, Presidentials and Leaders attended an interactive Mastermind Workshop hosted by Mannatech Corporate to learn more about the highly successful Three Point Plan Leadership System. Led by South Africa Presidentials Leone van der Linde and her son Vintzent van der Linde, the event looked closely at integrating the System into North America.

The South Africa field, led by Q13 Platinum Presidentials Louis and Leone van der Linde, have been experiencing significant growth over the last few years, which they attribute to the Three Point Plan, a system they started three years ago. Since then, they have seen more Nationals cross the stage than ever before.

The whole idea was born from the Three Point Plan that Leone used to train her tennis Champions.The Three Point Plan incorporates Group Structure (a strategic approach to developing your teams), You (develop self to be a leader) and Group Relations (mentoring key leaders). Attendees were taught the mindset, character qualities and actions that are required for a strong business.

“Now I have a roadmap to the action steps I need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to build a strong and enduring organization that will truly develop leaders and leave a legacy. I have been measuring my business growth incorrectly by focusing on volume growth alone. They taught us to focus on the number of leaders being developed and the habits being formed by my business partners that result in high growth.”   – Wendy Kremer, Platinum Presidential

The Three Point Plan will be officially introduced at MannaQuest 2014 in Chicago this August where attendees will get full details.

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