MannaQuest 100-Day Challenge Inspiration (from a child)

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Gabriela Membreno is only 9 years old, but she fully understands the concept of Mission 5 Million and the 100-Day Challenge. She plans to be a part of accomplishing it herself! If she can set her own goals, how much more can our Associates do to tackle their own “walls?”

MannaQuest is always filled with encouragement and inspiration from executives and rising young leaders, and this year was no exception. The heart behind the conference and behind the entire corporation is to empower our associates to make a positive global impact by connecting five million consumers with five million malnourished children around the world. The M5M China Run and the 100-Day Challenge were created to ignite a fire and passion within the company to rise above personal fears and global threats and to unite with one purpose.

Have you started your 100-Day Challenge yet?

One hundred days may seem intimidating and impossible, but it is simply 14 weeks, or a little over three months, of your lifetime invested in something that will reverberate through history for years to come. If you haven’t signed up yet and received your 100-Day Challenge kit, you can do so here.

In order to succeed, your first step must be to get your eyes off yourself. Only then can you truly feel the draw to actively share our mission with others and begin the fight against malnutrition.

Make a commitment of compound decisions.

Is this challenge the size of a mountain? Yes. A wall even? Absolutely. But don’t view it all at once. Picture it one step at a time and you will see yourself making progress beyond your own expectations. If you’ve visited the website, you know that tasks are broken down daily to keep you on track. Make three phone calls a day. Add one new name to your personal list daily. Read a recommended book for 30 minutes each day. It’s very simple! All you’re doing is building towards a higher level. You don’t need a radical change in attitude or personality to change your behavior. Your attitude follows your behavior. Start acting on your goals and your attitude will follow suit. Make a commitment of compound decisions.

Break down the walls!

Finally, you must break down the walls in your own life that are keeping you from achieving greater things. Doubt. Self-pity. Discouragement. Intimidation. Fear of failure. These are the names of the walls that must be faced in any great challenge. How do you break them down? Persistence. Don’t stop!

When you focus on your mission, make a commitment and break down your obstacles. When you do, your business WILL be successful, and as a result, you’ll be helping to nourish children around the world. What better motivation could you need? Now let’s get to work!

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