Mannatech Japan Hosts National Convention

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Mannatech Japan’s annual convention took place at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Intercity Hall on October 24-25. Dr. Steven Boyd, Mannatech’s Consulting Director of Medical Affairs, was a guest speaker at the event. He presented “My Life with Mannatech” and “All About Glyconutrition and Ambrotose Japanese Patent.”

Associates were rewarded for categories such as: New Million Dollar Club, Rising Star, Top Enroller, Social Entrepreneur and Top 3 Associates of the Year. There was also a photo contest award ceremony with the theme: Daily Life with Ūth™.

Singer and Asian celebrity Kenji Morooka and his band, Tats, entertained Associates.

Giveaways at the event included a Japanese book, Dietary Habits and Healthy Life Span, M5M℠ pens and bottles of Mannatech’s GI-ProBalance® supplement.

Japan Convention1


Japan Convention3

Expo Team Mannatech Panel:


Ūth Skin Crème Panel:


Ūth Skin Crème Panel:



Tokyo’s Shinagawa Intercity Hall :
Japan Ntl. Convention

Ūth Skin Crème Photo Contest:

Japan Ntl. convention1

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