Mannatech's Flight Team Celebrates Graduates

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During a breakout session at MannaFest on Friday afternoon, Mannatech’s Flight Team, led by General Manager of the U.S. Bob Adam, Sona van der Hoop and David Wood, recognized members and celebrated the graduating class, Echo. This was the fourth graduating class since inception.

Rising Stars of Flight Team were asked to share how Flight Team has played an instrumental role in helping them grow and succeed in their businesses.


Associate Lori Cutter shared with the audience her story of passion. It was because of a family health challenge that she became involved with Mannatech 13 years ago. “It was a game changer for me and has allowed me to quadruple my business,” Lori shared.

“Success comes from hard work, knowing your Why and having a great team and the support of the ones that love you. The bonus is meeting people from around the world on incentive trips and networking.”

Associate Shauncey Adee gave a heartfelt talk. “I started out feeling like a caterpillar. I knew that I had a purpose. The Flight Team members showed me step-by-step how to succeed. Now I feel like a butterfly. I feel equipped now to go out. I’ve learned so much about my personality and how I relate to others.”


Graduates were called up to receive a special gift, a book by John Maxwell, How Successful People Grow, and with it a personalized book mark.

In coordination with Echo members and Terrie Bayless, Assistant General Manager to the U.S., Lori Cutter, Shauncey Adee and Jennifer Powell led the group in a very touching surprise recognition for the Flight Team leaders Bob, Sona and David. They were honored with special gifts for their unswerving dedication and support.



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