The Word in the House — REVOLUTION!

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“Mannatech, you have started a revolution!” said Al Bala. “A personal revolution, a mindset revolution, a leadership revolution, a wellness revolution!” The passion this weekend at MannaFest 2015 was felt everywhere as nearly 1,200 attendees came together to share their vision, celebrate success and change the world. And, of course, to get a warm hug from Ray Robbins.

Attendees were calling this year’s conference one of the best. From speakers Paul Zane Pilzer to John O’Leary to entertainers Jeff Civillico and Vocal Trash Band, the energy was felt everywhere.

Enjoy the following play-by-play in photos and relive the passion that was this weekend at MannaFest 2015. Take these memories home with you and share with family, friends and your teams what it means to be part of Mannatech’s family.

Flight Team: David Wood, Bob Adam, and Sona van der Hoop with Associate Lori Cutter 0306151351

“During this wellness revolution, you have the potential to change lives!” – Paul Zane Pilzer image4 IMG_1408 “We need to break the cycle!” “Make every single day your best.”

“A 100 patents is unheard of for the supplement industry.”

– Dr. Rob Sinnott


IMG_1958 The Presidential meeting and training: Julie Zhu, May, Paulette and Ron Roy, Luciano Fidalgo, Amanda and Paul Latreille, Merri-jo Hillaker, Judy Quick and Charlie Belt “Hunger is the seed; feed the hunger.” – Amanda Latreille “Your products are people.” – Julia Zhu “Edify the right person.” – Merri-jo Hillaker “Build healthy legs.” – Merri-jo Hillaker “Personal rhythm is Greek for ‘measure motion.'” – Judy Quick   IMG_2008

Time to get up and Zumba!


photo 23 Awards and Recognition!


B_gWWenVEAExz5m “Network marketing is the purest form of free enterprise,” – Gary Sanford


B_dpiXeUYAAiSuT “Events like MannaFest are your road maps.” – Lora Enabnit


B_gbnTyU8AIKiT5 “We cannot travel without travelling within.” – Al Bala


B_cSC1CUwAAW_YP “The mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open.” – Bob Adam


B_baDGNVEAAyaBi “You have no competition when you understand what goes on with Uth.” – Steve Nugent

photo 3.JPG1

“Let’s change the world.” – Sarah Bowen, M5M Foundation


photo 01

“Make your hunger strong enough. Be hungry!” – Associate Julia Zhu

photo 02 “When you know your why, you can endure anything.”

“I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” – John O’Leary


What were your key takeaways this weekend? Tell us what was unique to you.  We want to hear. And be sure to register for MannaFest 2016! Don’t even think twice about it, just plan on being there, celebrating with the most vibrant, fun-loving crowd around.


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