U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 12, 2014

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Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 12, 2014! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision!



Burdine Acheson, Pine Lake, AB

Li Ma, Richmond, BC

Bing Song, Victoria, BC

Zhong Ma, Surrey, BC

Marj Lockhart, Kelowna, BC

Shuang Bo Xu, Richmond, BC

Maria Xavier, Mississauga, ON

Ming Xia, Richmond, BC

Jia Jian Sun, Vancouver, BC

Rosilda Xavier, Mississauga, ON

Francisco Monteiro, Toronto, ON

Ming Li, Vancouver, BC

Li Ding, Richmond, BC

Yunying Liu, Burnaby, BC

Orville Wentworth, Brampton, ON

Su Min Liu, Vancouver, BC

Stephen Siu-Wye Leung, Coquitlam, BC

Feng Xi, Burnaby, BC

Xinqi Wang, Richmond, BC

Xiao Ling Ning, Surrey, BC


Lydia Ning, Vancouver, BC

Na Ji, Burnaby, BC

Al Jun Liu, Burnaby, BC

Mei Di Li, Burnaby, BC

Qing Xu, Burnaby, BC

Yan Ni Wu, Burnaby, BC

Yuhai Ting, Richmond, BC



Georgiana Mooneyham, Columbia, SC

Lawrence McDowell, Lithonia, GA

Francis Montiel, The Colony, TX

Paul Shindel, Sand Springs, OK

Julia Sims, Lubbock, TX

Becky West, Winter Garden, FL

Anita O’Hara, Lubbock, TX

George H. Murphy, Richardson, TX

Elizabeth Lang, Corrales, NM

Jeong Chul Kim, La Crescenta, CA

Honeys Wellness, Lubbock TX

Young AE Park, Bronx, NY

Ziyuan Yang, Edmonds, WA

Min Kyoung Lee, Phoenix, AZ


Joe Tarver, Lubbock, TX

Beong Joo Jeong, Cave Creek, AZ

Da-Min Lee, Cave Creek, AZ


Sook Lee, Cave Creek, AZ

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