U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 13, 2014

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Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 13, 2014! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision!




John Lemon, Burnaby, BC

Hui Su, Calgary, AB

Gang Zhang, Richmond, BC

Xiaoqiong Wei, Burnaby, BC

Hongzhi Sun, Port Moody, BC

Ruosi Ding, Surrey, BC

Pei Ying Shao, Surrey, BC

He Gao, Richmond, BC

Hong Ling Li, Richmond, BC

Hong Xia Jin, Surrey, BC

Aiying Wang, Richmond, BC

Yixiu Ting, Richmond, BC

Hong Zhao, Richmond, BC

Felix Yang, Richmond, BC

Fang Yao, Vancouver, BC

Hong Wang, Richmond, BC


Xiao Jun Guo, Richmond, BC

Wei Fang Cai, Richmond, BC

Changjiang Wang, Richmond, BC

Nuliang You, Vancouver, BC

Ming Li, Vancouver, BC

Shuang Zhang, Burnaby, BC

Mie Moy Heuw, Richmond, BC

Hui Ling Cao, Vancouver, BC

Peiyi Liu, Richmond, BC

Cong Zhao, Surrey, BC

Yu Wen Sun, Richmond, BC

Hai Qing Liang, Richmond, BC

Danni Dong, Richmond, BC

Xiu Zhu Liu, Vancouver, BC

Liyuan Tong, Victoria, BC

Peiran Liu, Richmond, BC


Han Liin Li & Chuan Li Leng, Richmond, BC

Jing Jiang, Surrey, BC

Shi Yan, Richmond, BC

Qinghua Xu, Richmond, BC

Kaiwen Guo, Richmond, BC

Jing Yang, Richmond, BC


Rui Chen, Richmond, BC


Chuan Li Leng, Richmond, BC



Kerry Culhane, Weston, Colorado

Hiroyuki Odachi, Mount Shasta, California

Rosa Hill, Newberg, Oregon

Scott Sine, Bethlehem, PA

Susan Yang, Northridge, California

Hai Qin, Tigard Oregon

Hui Zhang, Tigard Oregon

Amy Wang, Tigard Oregon

Bao De, Tigard Oregon

Hai Tu, Tigard Oregon

Hui Dai, Tigard Oregon

Amy Cai, Tigard, Oregon

Tao Dai, Tigard, Oregon

Gui Meng Chang, Portland, Oregon

Tin Long Li, Portland, Oregon

Sunny Chu, Tigard, Oregon

Sindy Wang, Tigard, Oregon

Kui Hua Chang, Tigard, Oregon

Su Yun Shi, Tigard, Oregon


Chao Chen, Hinsdale, Illinois


Xianmei Matusa, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Shaowei Luo, San Bruno, California


Luciano Fildago, Lake Mary, Florida

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