New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP5, 2015

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We are proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP5, emerged as new Leaders – Champions of our cause! Please join us in congratulating our new Directors for championing the M5M movement and helping us change the world!



Dale Dunham – Victoria, BC

Ting Huang – Richmond, BC

Marianne Kreutzer – Kelowna, BC

Dan Li – Port Coquitlam, BC

Ying Wang – Richmond, BC

Hongyang Guan – Richmond, BC

Young Xie – Richmond, BC

Mary Siew Ping Yap – Kitchener, ONT

Beihua Wang – West Vancouver, BC

Noor Zhu – Surrey, BC

Helen Doerksen – La Crete, AB

Yiping Zhang – Vancouver, BC

Flinton Yang – Richmond, BC

Yu Tong Jiang – Vancouver, BC

Yang Yong – Richmond, BC


Paul Peters – La Crete, AB

Qing Liu – Surrey, BC




Giovanna Conte – Plymouth, MI

Ashley Lucas – Glendale, AZ

Jason Barber – Keller, TX

Allen Hsu – Ontario, CA

Alfonso Sierra – Miami, FL

Blake Gendvilas – Oregon City, OR

Nadine Callahan – Ashby, MA

Ana R. Gonzalez – Indio, CA

Daniel Robledo – Miami, FL

Donna Barros – Kissimmee, FL

Jeong Su Bok – Pacoima, CA

Luis Fernando Chamie – Miami, FL

Mikyoung Bok – Pacoima, CA

Ana Burgos – Doral, FL

Fabian Alberto Marin Torres – Doral, FL

Gloria Pilar Garcia Norato – Doral, FL

Beatriz Torres Buritica – Doral FL

Kristie Kang – Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn Womack – Oregon City, OR

Nuni Lamb – Palestine, TX

Lindsay Geenen – Brenham, TX

Zhu Chen – Hinsdale, IL

Laurdella Foulkes-Levy – Murrells Inlet, SC

Lena Wieler – Dimmitt, TX

John Ouk – Edmonds, WA

Charlie Cutter – Wilsonville, OR

Kellye Seekatz – Bastrop, TX

Beatrice Watts – Dale, TX

Hernan Alfredo Orozco Bacca – Miami, FL

Maria Pilar Galian-Saborido – Naples, FL

Juan Manuel Duque Vidal – Trophy Club, TX

Jesus Noriega – Doral, FL

Maria Gabriela Gilly – Miami, FL

Erika Rivera – Miami, FL

Beatriz Tapias – Miami, FL

Zicheng Zhao – Redmond, WA

Seung Lee – Valencia, CA

Juan Pablo Montoya Munoz – Doral, FL

Carolina Roman – Miami, FL

Andrea Betancur – Miami, FL

Jae Hong Kim – Daly City, CA

Jeremy Wong – Kirkland, WA

Han Chen – Hinsdale, IL


Vivian H. Chang – Ontario, CA

Nancy Williams – Pagosa Springs, CO

Wendy Nugent – Novi, MI

Fuhong Liang – Redmond, WA

Martha Edith Marin – Doral, FL

Lina Ledesma – Miami, FL

Cristina Cancian – Doral, FL

Monica Vidal Gonzales – Trophy Club, TX


Donald Kremer – Omaha, NE

Sueng Jin – Encino, CA

Francisco Robledo – Miami, FL

Bronze Presidential

Jungju Hwang – Los Angeles, CA

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