Paul Zane Pilzer CD: A Valuable Tool to Find Real Prospects

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Mannatech recently released a CD featuring acclaimed economist Paul Zane Pilzer called “The Two Economic Tidal Waves,” which is proving to be a valuable tool for business building. The Pilzer CD gives insight into the megatrends of entrepreneurship and wellness, including the coming economic shift driven by technology.

According to Mannatech Associate and Executive Director Kim Kroeger, the CD is a valuable tool that he has implemented as an important part of prospecting. When he learned about the CD, he immediately ordered 50 copies and distributed them to his team leaders.

“I knew if my leaders had the CD, they could get them in the hands of their prospects. The more that they pass out the more successful they will be,” said Kroeger. “I taught my team how to hand out the CDs and to ask prospects if they have a Plan B going on in their life, if they ever heard of Paul Zane Pilzer and how he is sharing the knowledge of the wellness industry and how it will impact us all in the near future.”

To get the CD into prospects’ hands, Kroeger also instructed his leaders to complete the following steps:

  • Ask the prospect if they have a few minutes to listen to the CD
  • If the prospect accepts the CD from the Associate, ask when they can listen to it
  • Tell the prospect you will call him/her that night or in the morning to get their input about what they found most important
  • Set an appointment to retrieve the CD and to share a first look at the Mannatech business opportunity
  • Use the tri-fold brochure or use a napkin presentation at the scheduled appointment

“People have to understand that we have the best of the best tools to help us along the way,” Kroeger said. “I have always let the tools do the talking for me, and they work. Our tools are a sifting process to see who is looking and who isn’t. It will save people time and energy in getting the big MO (momentum) going in their business. If you don’t use the tools, you lose and your team will lose by not using them as well.”

The “The Two Economic Tidal Waves,” featuring Paul Zane Pilzer, is on sale for $10 for five CDs. To order the CD, go to the Business Tools section on

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