Rough Day? Pair These Essential Oils with Mannatech Products for a Natural Pick-Me-Up (+中文)

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You may be surprised to learn that you can pair your favorite oils with some of Mannatech’s other popular products. Mannatech Essential Oils were developed to work in conjunction with Mannatech’s supplement and beauty line, resulting in an improved experience. And like all Mannatech products, our essential oils claims and benefits have been thoroughly vetted and substantiated through published scientific studies.

For a complete resource on our available oils, please visit our website or check out this catalog. All other products mentioned can be found under our Integrative Health or Targeted Health product sections.

Try these pairings to get more from your oils than just a pleasing aroma:

  • NutriVerus® & Peppermint Oil (CA only; included in U.S. kits) – NutriVerus can help maintain energy and vitality while the scent of Peppermint oil can be used to “perk” mental and physical activity when you need it, making it perfect for the morning wake up regimen.*
  • BounceBack® & Eucalyptus Oil (U.S. only) – Studies show both products can help provide relief from muscle aches. This combination is perfect for after workouts. Taking BounceBack± and massaging with Eucalyptus helps offer relief to those who suffer from muscle soreness, without using synthetics.
  • Ambrotose® & Lemon Oil – Clinical studies revealed that diffusing Lemon Oil can actually brighten mood, much like Ambrotose powders can help improve mood and psychological well-being.* It can be easy to forget what a key role mood plays in our lives. This combination helps provide a sunnier outlook, naturally.
  • AmbroStart® & No.1 Protective Blend – AmbroStart and the No.1 Protective Blend can both provide increased alertness and a mental energy boost.* Fatigue can negatively affect so many parts of our lives, everything from workplace safety to job performance. Taking your AmbroStart and diffusing No. 1 Protective Blend can help provide a much needed, yet natural, energy boost.*
  • Ambrotose & Orange Oil – Orange oil, which can be diffused to ease feelings of stress, tension and anxiety, is a great pairing with Ambrotose powders, which have been shown clinically to improve mood and decrease irritability.* If you’re having a rough day, try this calming, and sweet-smelling combination.
  • BounceBack & Lavender Oil – Mannatech’s BounceBack and the scent Lavender Oil may provide the relaxation benefits needed to help you unwind and recover after a long day or a long workout.* This combination helps support the rest and recovery your body needs.

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±When taken daily over time, BounceBack capsules can reduce signs and symptoms of muscle pain and discomfort associated with delayed-onset muscle soreness.

†Mannatech Science is compliant for use only on the U.S. and South Africa.



有关我们现有精油的全部资料,请访问我们的网站(our website)或查看本目录(this catalog)。所提及的其他全部产品可以在我们的综合健康(Integrative Health)或靶向健康产品(Targeted Health)部分找到。


  • 多醣蔬果营养补充粉®和 薄荷精油(NutriVerus & Peppermint Oil ) (仅限加拿大; 包含在美国套装中) – 多醣蔬果营养补充粉可有助于保持能量和活力,而当您需要时,薄荷油的香味可以起到精神和体力活动的“提神”作用,使其成为清晨醒来活动的完美选择。*
  • 骨关节宝和® 和桉树精油(BounceBack & Eucalyptus Oil ) (仅限美国) – 研究显示,这两种产品都可以帮助缓解肌肉疼痛。 这种组合于锻炼后使用是完美的。 服用骨关节宝±和采用桉树精油按摩有助于缓解那些患有肌肉酸痛的人,而无需使用化学合成产品。
  • 醣粉和柠檬精油(Ambrotose & Lemon Oil ) – 临床研究显示,扩散柠檬精油油实际上可以使心情舒畅,就像醣粉可以帮助改善情绪和心理健康。*我们常常很容易忘记情绪在我们生活中的重要角色。 这种组合有助于提升更自然阳光的外貌。
  • 多醣能量补充剂和1防护复方精油 AmbroStart & No.1 Protective Blend )– 多醣能量补充剂® 和 No.1防护复方精油既可以提高反应能力,又能提升心理能量。*疲劳可以对我们生活的许多部分产生负面影响,从工作场所的安全性到工作绩效。 使用多醣能量补充剂和扩散1号防护混合物可以帮助提供人们非常需要但又是天然的能量。*
  • 醣粉和甜橙精油(Ambrotose & Orange Oil )– 可以扩散甜橙精油以缓解压力,紧张和焦虑的感觉,与醣粉配合使用最佳,临床上已经显示出改善情绪和减轻烦躁的情绪。*如果你有一个忙碌烦杂的一天,尝试一下这个平静, 香甜气味组合。
  • 骨关节宝和薰衣草精油(BounceBack & Lavender Oil ) – Mannatech的骨关节宝和香薰薰衣草油可以提供身心松弛的好处,帮助您在漫长的一天或长时间的锻炼后放松和恢复。*这种组合有助于支持身体需要的休息和恢复。

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