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We’re so excited to introduce our new M5M Challenge site:! Find everything you need to meet your 100-Day Challenge goals, from proven and tested activities to powerful resources to download you can use right away. Sign up to receive updates from Jason Lester, pre-order your Challenge Kit and, most importantly, start training!

Visit today!  Start with these four easy steps.

  1. Sign the Wall
  2. Gear Up with the Right Equipment
  3. Start Training
  4. Get to Work

Sign the Wall

Begin thinking about what your 100-Day Challenge Goal(s) is going to be. For instance, “I’m going to personally enroll 100 new Associates on Automatic Order in the next 100-Days.”

We’re so excited to hear how what you challenge yourself to, and the results you’ll experience because of it.

Share with us how you plan on meeting your 100-Day Challenge goal(s) in the comments below. Or share them on the M5M Run Facebook page. You may be an inspiration for others!

The Challenge starts on August 1. Get a head start now at!

start training

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