Super CEO Reveals the Recipe for Wellness

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Who’s able to lead a wellness company in a single bound?

Who has the best products in the world?

Who’s a wellness Champion for everyone?

Mannatech’s Super CEO, Dr. Rob Sinnott, of course! The doctor jogged onto stage Thursday evening during MannaFest’s first general session, and the atmosphere was electric! The audience went wild for his highly anticipated presentation – Cutting through the FAD to get to the LEAN.

“Fad weight loss schemes just don’t work,” explained Dr. Sinnott. “There’s a better approach based on time-tested principles. It’s time for a revolution where we break the cycle!”

Dr. Sinnott started by posing the problem: living sedentary lifestyles and focusing on quantity versus quality of our food. Through slides, he showed ways to be healthier based on what he’s learned over the past 30 years. He talked about how personal devices, such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch, will increase awareness and unlock wellness.

More importantly, he shared how Mannatech’s unique approach is to re-engineer the gastrointestinal tract to change how our bodies process and react to food. The bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract is affected by diet, antibiotics, preservatives, stress, environment, toxins, chlorine, etc. The GI Tract interfaces with the immune system, endocrine system and nervous system. And, the ratio between bacteroides and firmicultes is important – a higher number of bacteroides is associated with leaner conditions.

The Solution: Mannatech’s Super CEO Wellness Bundle

“Mannatech’s validated product set improves body composition, mood and brain health all at once,” said Dr. Sinnott. Glyconutrients and probiotics work together to re-engineer the GI Tract. Ambrotose Complex is proven for GI tract health and mood. GI-ProBalance Slimsticks are “performance-tuned” to work with Ambrotose Complex. OsoLean powder targets fat loss peptides. MannaFest attendees can purchase the bundle at 35 percent off the regular price.

“Wellness is a personal journey,” he said. “It starts with your ‘Why’. It involves maximizing enjoyment of life, increasing mood and energy and preserving health, maximizing lifespan and taking control. Mannatech offers credible, simple solutions that people want.”

More ways to a leaner, healthier body:

  • Eliminate processed and fast foods, especially refined carbs, sugar and preservatives
  • Take lots of probiotics morning, noon and night: Kefir, yogurt, GI-ProBalance Slimsticks
  • Eat lean proteins
  • Try making Dr. Sinnott’s Secret Smoothie
  • Find an exercise routine that works for you – a good mix of aerobic and weight-bearing exercise
  • Make sure to get abundant sleep
  • Have realistic expectations

When it comes to exercise, Dr. Sinnott suggests to keep up a routine as it will lead to better habits. Ignore the scale at least four weeks into your regimen. Focus on calories burned daily and overcome boredom by mixing it up with multiple activities.

And more importantly, be a healthy example for others. Unlock your full potential and live a long, productive life. Dr. Sinnott said, “realize your full value and give your life renewed meaning. Be a better Mannatech distributor by being healthy.”

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