Introducing Sarah Bowen — Executive Director of the M5M Foundation

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Sarah Bowen knows compassion. She has seen firsthand the results of poverty and malnutrition. As Executive Director of the M5M Foundation, Sarah leads the efforts that help combat the epidemic of childhood malnutrition. Sarah spends her days ensuring that donations triggered by Mannatech customer product purchases reach the most deserving of children.

We hear words like “hope,” “solutions” and “blessings,” but we really feel them in Sarah’s story below. She advocates passionately for children and holds a special place in her heart for helping others.

“At the age of 15, I had my first real travel opportunity — a trip to Russia with my church’s mission team. My heart had been set on a trip like this for quite a while, and after late-night talks with my parents, the opportunity became reality.

I vividly remember the train rides through small villages and the families who welcomed us in for meals. I saw the world through different eyes and witnessed the hardships of girls my age who didn’t know where their family’s next meal would come from. When I returned to the States, I encouraged everyone to experience what I had, and to better understand how much need there was. That trip sparked a fire in me to expand my world view and to help others.

After high school I moved from Oklahoma to Dallas and went to Bible College … my heart set on world missions. However, God had other plans for me, including Mannatech, Inc. When Mannatech established a mission to help children, I quickly fell in love with the company. Their social entrepreneurial culture was something I had never experienced before in the corporate world. My day job took on a whole new meaning as I worked toward changing the world and making a difference.

In 2009, a friend and I traveled to Uganda teaching sewing skills to young women. Those two weeks in Africa once again fueled my passion for travel and missions. I’ll never forget the sights, sounds and smells — the poverty and the homeless children left begging on the streets. I tried to wrap my head around the devastation I had witnessed. One orphanage in particular was receiving Mannatech products. It made me proud to see Mannatech associated with this type of giving.

Throughout my career, there have been gentle reminders from God of my purpose in life. Everything came together when, in 2014, I had the privilege of visiting Guatemala with a non-profit organization called RU 4 Children. That solidified my passion to help others. And, now my dream to focus wholeheartedly on giving and supporting children in need has come true with the launch of the M5M Foundation.”

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Fighting malnutrition is an enormous task. Join us in providing hope and health. To learn more, and for details about how you can help, visit M5M Foundation.


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