Team Mannatech: Ricardo (Ricky) Sobalvarro

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President Al Bala welcomed CrossFit Champion and new Mannatech Team Ambassador, Ricardo Sobalvarro, to the Leadership Experience and congratulated him on his recent victory at the Pantheon Games!

“Thanks to Mannatech,” Ricky says, “We can keep doing what we love and in a healthy way!”

Are you in the game?

Even if you’re not a sports legend or in training for the next Olympics, the Team Mannatech program is ideal for you! It’s never too early or too late to be active and experience wellness – we can help! Team Mannatech members have broad-reaching appeal. They have been drawn from the exclusive ranks of sports legends, the everyday athlete and young enthusiasts destined to become superstars. They are all role models for their sport, committed to helping people of all ages lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


Please join us in welcoming Ricardo!

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