Introducing Mannatech's M5M Foundation

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Mannatech is proud to announce the establishment of the M5MFoundation, an independent non-profit organization, to facilitate and expand its efforts to combat the epidemic of childhood malnutrition on a global scale.

Sarah Bowen (Mannatech’s former Director of Human Resources) will direct the foundation, ensuring that the donations triggered by Mannatech’s customers reach the children.

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According to the World Health Organization, approximately five million children die each year from issues related to malnutrition. The Mission 5 Million movement, or M5M, represents Mannatech’s commitment to linking five million consumers of their products with five million children in need of better nutrition. Leveraging the same technology used in creating their premium supplements based on Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech created PhytoBlend™ powder, a potent product designed to bolster the nutritional value of the food provided to children by relief organizations worldwide.


Since 2010, Mannatech has donated more than $2.9 million dollars toward the purchase of PhytoBlend powder to help nourish children in 15 countries. This has been made possible through an ongoing relationship with MannaRelief, a non-profit organization that distributes PhytoBlend powder to orphanages and relief organizations all over the world.

“Mannatech’s vision is to change the lives of millions of children worldwide who lack proper nutrition,” said Dr. Robert Sinnott, Mannatech CEO and Chief Science Officer. “What we’ve been able to accomplish by working alongside MannaRelief has laid an incredible foundation for seeing this vision realized. The establishment of a dedicated organization whose sole purpose is to expand and enhance these efforts is a natural progression for Mannatech and the M5M cause. This is a pivotal time for our company and the establishment of the M5M Foundation is a significant landmark for Mannatech. I truly believe this is the beginning of a new era of hope and health that’s going to change the world.”

Starting in January 2015, the M5M Foundation will assume responsibility for all aspects of maintaining and fulfilling the existing partnerships established by MannaRelief to ensure that there is no disruption of support to the orphanages and relief organizations currently receiving PhytoBlend powder. Mannatech’s Director of Human Relations, Sarah Bowen, has accepted the position of executive director of the M5M Foundation and will oversee daily operations as well as coordinate the expansion of the organization’s efforts. Bowen has been a valuable employee of Mannatech for over nine years and has played a critical role in helping to establish the M5M Foundation and facilitate the seamless transition from MannaRelief.

MannaRelief is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, Incorporated.

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