The NAAC Provides Insights from May Corporate Meeting

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The North American Advisory Council (NAAC) visited the Corporate Headquarters last week to discuss coming changes and improvements with Mannatech. This year, they have coined themselves “Givers of Hope.” Hear what the NAAC Leaders have to say about their plans to support Associates’ needs this year:

What are your goals for North America?

“The NAAC wants to be able to give tools to the field that will move this company and Associates’ businesses forward. As ‘Givers of Hope’ we must have the confidence that the tools we provide Associates will help drive change. Likewise, we must give the field the confidence to build their business and sell wonderful products. We hope to build a national team, create a shift in our culture and build better relationships.” – Linda Franklin

“We want to align our culture with people who want to build a business. Our tools should give new Associates the confidence to say, ‘I can do this!’” – Michael Vanderhoof

“We want to see growth in the Associate field. If you don’t have growth, you don’t have a company. It’s all about building relationships that inspire people to grow and bring more people into our family.” – Ben Franklin

“We want to see North America have the biggest momentum we have ever seen at Mannatech. We are so well positioned with the best products, the best compensation plan, the best corporate office team. We will see explosive growth in the next 12 months like we’ve never seen before.” –Amanda Latreille

“I want to build upon the positive momentum we are seeing, help create a lot of excitement and demonstrate that we have an amazing, multi-billion dollar opportunity in Mannatech.” – Dr. Steve Hines.


What did you hope to accomplish at the NAAC meeting?

“We’re anxious to get something in Associates’ hands that will help them feel comfortable and ready to grow as a Leader.” – Linda Franklin

“I hope that we can focus on getting some real tools to utilize in the field, particularly for a First Presentation. We also want to improve the compensation plan and shipping issues as well.” – John Prater

“Presentation tools are paramount right now. Everything builds off of that. We’re working on building tools that we can keep for a while. We plan to walk away this week with something tangible.” – Ben Franklin

“We want to finalize one or two powerful presentation tools for recruiting with stories on the products and on the business.”  – Amanda Latreille

 “We want to address compensation and shipping. If we solve those two things, there will be a lot of hope. And I want to really encourage people to be excited about what we have coming at next year’s MannaFest.” – Mary Thureson

“We want to stabilize things so that people increase their income. I want to accomplish looking at the root issues that will bring people the confidence they need to succeed.” –Roy Thureson

 “I want to make sure we get things to the field to grow our Associate’s businesses and grow Mannatech.” – Luciano Fidalgo


In regards to Mannatech and the NAAC, what passion drives you to use so much of your time and energy to help this company progress?

“I want to help people succeed through health and wealth. I want to help people live their purpose and the life that they are destined to live. I want to help people tell the Mannatech story and live their dream.” – Linda Franklin

“In today’s world, so many people’s diets and lifestyles are not supporting good health. Mannatech’s products are the backbone of this business – they are truly incredible. Between building my business, helping people realize their financial goals and selling products, many of which are patented and backed by science, I knew Mannatech was a fit for me.” – Michael Vanderhoof

“There’s a real spirit of camaraderie here in the NAAC. I’m here to represent and give a strong voice for Canada. I also want to help people return to or reach presidential status.” – John Prater

“I want to be as close to the company as I can to develop relationships, create trust and confidence and bridge the gap to integrate corporate with the field. I believe the best is yet to come, and I want to help create the solutions we need.” – Ben Franklin

“I want to be able to help people gain what I have gained from Mannatech, including good health and financial security for generations to come.” – Luciano Fidalgo

“Being with the company for 19 years, it’s a great thing to be able to give back and be a part of the inner circle of the planning process. Being in the field that long, you know what the field needs. And I believe that the NAAC and the corporate team are working as one unified group. We are coming into a season where some big changes have come to the company, and it’s a crucial time. We’re going into a new wave of growth; so we have to make sure we have everything in place to accommodate the amazing growth we’re going to have in the next seven years.” – Amanda Latreille

“I worked in the banking industry for 40 years, and I saw a lot of traditional businesses struggle and lose everything. I want to get the word across to people how convenient, lovely and easy the Mannatech business is to get into. This business has given us so much over the years, and we want to be part of giving back.” – Paul Latreille

“I love solving problems, and I have a lot of hope for the future of Mannatech. I want to help reach the next generation, get them excited about being entrepreneurs and show them how to run their own businesses.” –Mary Thureson

“We made a commitment years ago to help people who have struggled with wellness, finances and broken relationships. What’s nice about Mannatech is that it’s devoted to helping people with their wellness as well as finances and relationships. We have the ability to make life changes with this business, and it’s really satisfying.” – Roy Thureson



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