The Power of Ambrotose Speaks for Itself!

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On a personal level, the Powered by Ambrotose™ DVD is your most powerful tool! Never before have we collected such candid and honest accounts from Associates on the powers of Ambrotose® powder.

In addition to the patents, the clinical trials and product studies, this DVD further illustrates the importance of Ambrotose powder in people’s lives. Listen to the stories, hear the passion and discover how this phenomenal product can make a difference in your life. Your customers will find trust in these Associate testimonies.

Not only is this DVD a powerful tool, but it can be easily used in a variety of ways. The following are just a few ideas on how to share the DVD with others.

  • Access the video at and embed it on your Facebook page;
  • Share the video at your home meetings, followed by your own success story;
  • Hand the video out to prospects;
  • Bring the DVD to a friend’s house to share;
  • Gift the DVD to teachers, use as stocking stuffers, and more; and
  • Mail the DVD to a relative.

These honest testimonials are having a huge impact on people.

How will you share the power of Ambrotose?


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