The Secret to Early Retirement? Persistence and Team Work

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Name: Judy Abbott

Rank: Bronze Presidential Director

Location: Australia

Judy - Sept 2014

After joining Mannatech in her late 50s, Judy Abbott began to think about retirement and how she was going to keep up her standard of living without working full-time. In sharing Mannatech’s opportunity with others, she recognized the potential of maintaining an income for life.

Prior to joining Mannatech, Abbott worked for 23 years in a managerial position at an elderly home, supervising approximately 60 staff members and working more than 10-hour days. She had very little quality time to spend with her family.

This is when Abbott was compelled to take control of her retirement finances and start spending time with her loved ones. After being introduced to Mannatech more than fourteen years ago, she began using the products and fell in love with Mannatech’s glyconutritional science. She felt a moral obligation to tell her story and to share this information so that others could also have the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

After beginning her Mannatech business, she was eventually able to earn the same amount as her job salary, so she resigned from her job. This allowed her the freedom to share the Mannatech opportunity with a wider community in her own time.

Eighteen months later she became a Presidential Director – and has since achieved Bronze PD level.

“We now have days off to do what we want, when we want,” said Abbott. “Every Tuesday and Wednesday we have been able to pick up our grandson after school and take him to our house.   His dad picks him up after dinner on his way home from work. It is quality time spent together.”

As a Presidential, Abbott enjoys the opportunity to travel to the Hawaii Summit every winter, to MannaFest in Dallas every year and to the National Convention. She has also enjoyed other incentives – like trips to Phuket, Bali, Mauritius and others.

Abbott says, with the advent of the M5M℠ Foundation and the new compensation plan, she is more determined than ever to keep spreading the word about Mannatech. She says there is a great feeling amongst her team and they plan to continue to grow together.

“Working as a team is so much easier than working alone,” said Abbott. “We have two opportunity nights and a training day each month to keep others informed and encouraged.”

Her secret to success is persistence. Abbott believes persistence is required to achieve your goals because you never know who you are going to meet next. “Building a Mannatech business is building a team of personal relationships so that we are a family building and growing together.”

Judy & Trevor - Sept 2014

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