Transform Your Body: How to Start the TruHealth™ 30-Day Fat-Loss Program

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Mannatech’s TruHealth Fat-Loss System is leading the Body Composition charge that produces long-term body transformation, and dumps dependence on scale weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) that do not tell the whole story of a person’s health. The TruHealth 30-day program and its products are designed to help you lose inches and fat, not simply pounds, like BMI emphasizes. But getting started on such a life-changing program requires a real lifestyle change from the beginning in order to see real, lasting results throughout and after the program.

The Mannatech Product Marketing Team developed this list of tips to help all TruHealth newbies get off to a good start:

  1. Mark your calendar — Think carefully about when you feel is the best time to start the 30-day program.  We wouldn’t suggest starting the week of your vacation, for example.
  2. Clean out your pantry and fridge — Throw out those tempting, empty calorie foods that lack any wholesome nutrition.
  3. Create your shopping list — Use the “Approved Foods List” in the TruHealth Guidebook as a guideline for what to stock up on.
  4. Invest in food storage containers and/or bags – This will make it easier to meal plan and pre-package your snacks.
  5. Meal plan — Plan your meals! This will help you to create your shopping list and make it easier to choose healthy food every day.
  6. Don’t buy more than you can eat – It can be easy to stock up on fruits and veggies, but these things can perish quickly if you don’t consume them in time. But remember, you want to eat more veggies than fruit. Buy twice as many veggies as fruit.
  7. Choose organic produce when possible – Also try to buy free range, grass-fed and wild-caught when it comes to fish, poultry and other meats.
  8. Go shopping on a full tummy — Do not let hunger impact your shopping trip.
  9. Grab an accountability partner — Ask a friend, spouse, family member or co-worker to participate in the program with you.
  10. Make sure you take a before picture to look back at where you started. Refer to our guidelines for how to take the best before and after pictures.
  11. Print out the 30-Day TruHealth Tracker and keep it somewhere you’ll see it daily.
  12. Don’t forget to have a tape measure available (the tailoring kind), a shaker bottle and a reusable container to hold the abundant amount of water you will be consuming; and keep the guidebook handy. All of these elements happen to be part of the TruHealth Bundle.

It’s time to transform your life. Grab a friend and start the TruHealth 30-Day Fat-Loss Program today.