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Here at the corporate office, employees are pounding the pavement … and carpet … meeting their own 100-Day Challenge goals. Signs have been posted around the office guiding exercisers on a walking course through the building. When it reaches over 100 degrees F here in Coppell, Texas, we really appreciate the air conditioning!

Since August 8, 2014, Mannatech employees have walked a total of 2.3 million steps … and we’re still counting!









Read what some of our employees are doing:

“I am fulfilling my 100-Day Challenge by aggressively improving my health while I help contribute to Mannatech’s future business success. I have committed to cycling or rowing and weight training every day. By keeping at it daily, I worked through that tough period when quitting is easy. I now have a healthy habit that I will keep for my lifetime. I am also making healthy choices with my eating, avoiding junk food and impulse eating and working to cut carbs from my diet. So far, I have lost almost 20 pounds and I feel so much better. It has been great for me, my family and my career. I am thankful for the 100-Day Challenge, which caused me to give that extra push toward self-improvement.” – Rob A Sinnott, PhD, Mannatech CEO and CSO

“I go to the gym five times a week, before work, for a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. I’m also improving my diet by reducing my intake of processed foods, especially sugar.” – Joel Bikman, Chief Marketing Officer

“Early morning or after work, I run or do brisk walking by our house at least two to three miles a day, five times a week. It is not only great for physical well-being, but also for my emotional and mental health — especially when one runs close to nature with no electronics plugged in the ears. Just listen to the wind, birds, cicadas, water lapping, movement of people also walking under azure skies. What a blessing to have the time to run or walk! — Dr. Rolando L. Maddela, MPH, CCRP, Research and Development – Global Scientific Services

“I’m working out at least five times per week; doing at least an hour of cardio to reach my goal of 50,000 steps per week. I’m also trying to do the 1/4-mile M5MWalk through the building four times a day.” – Tiffany Vardell, Project Services Coordinator

“I swim 20 laps on weekends! My goal is to stay fit going into the winter months.” – Jennifer Evans, Copywriter/Editor

“I am walking 10 miles and jogging 10 miles per week.” – David Wood, Training Team Coordinator

“I’m walking one mile per day and I’m following a 1,500-calorie diet per day. Most importantly, I have a positive, can-do attitude!” – Missy Thompson, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, Global Operations

“My goal is to incorporate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology into my day-to-day routines and to push for Inbox Zero.” – Odin Clack, Director, Global Online Solutions

“I am running 2.5 miles Monday through Friday during the evening hours, and I exercise about 30 minutes in the morning.” – Marty Chiang,

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