"Would You Like to Help Me Nourish a Child in Need?"

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Think about it: what a great way to start the M5M℠ conversation when you are recruiting! Few people could say “no.” If not an immediate “yes,” then a likely answer from someone (which is a good thing) might be “tell me more.”

To help you while you are sharing M5M, what better tools to have in hand than these FREE Avery® M5M templates?  When you have the M5M branded tools, and pose the question about helping children in need, who can refuse?

Accessing these templates and using them is easy. Just go to www.avery.com/mannatech, click the “Start Now” button and you’ll be taken to the page with the M5M templates.

Here are some of the selections you’ll see:


Associate Business Card (Front and Back)



M5M Invitation



On the Web page, you’ll also see Round Labels and Flexible Name Badges. Go to www.avery.com/mannatech today! After you get the FREE templates, all you need is Avery paper and you’ll be good to go!

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