M5M Info Kit – A Tool That Tells the Whole Story

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The mission is all right here at your fingertips! Our new M5MSM Info Kit includes plenty of useful information about the M5M movement—to help you see how our mission works and how to share it with the world. 

Whether you’re interested in simply nourishing yourself with our unmatched products, or sharing M5M with others, you’ll find everything you need to get started!

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included: 

  • Mannatech: A Company of Destiny Bookleta comprehensive and compelling look at the story of Mannatech. Start here for a great introduction to our history, our science, our products and our mission

  • M5M Wristbandthe orange M5M wristband is a symbol of our mission and vision of linking five million consumers with five million children in need. Wear it proudly as you share and create awareness of our significant message! Inquisitive minds will want to know the story behind it, and how to get involved. The peg represents the number of children we have impacted. Start with One Simple ActSM, then move the peg around as you reach new leadership levels.

  • Champion and Member Application Forms—simple forms to use to enroll when sharing the Mission 5 Million movement with others. Use the Champion Application Form for those who want to become an Associate and champion the cause with you. Use the Member Application form for those who want to help by becoming a Member and set up their Automatic Order. 

  • Fundamentals of Mannatech: Policies & Procedures—important document related to our Policies and Procedures. Available for viewing and downloading at Library.Mannatech.com. Select Canada for the country and Chinese for the language. Select Collections and then Fundamentals of Mannatech.

… and much more!

You’ll want to save some time to explore all the materials in your package so you can begin to plan your course of action. Each item has been carefully designed to support your success! 

If you’re going to the M5M Leadership Experience, November 8-9, then you can get your M5M Info Kit there! Haven’t registered yet? Register right now – there’s still time to get there!

You can also get your copy today at Mannatech.com.

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  1. Pierre du Plessis says:

    Will this be available in South Africa as well?

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