You Could Win Cash in the New TruHealth™ Transformation Challenge!

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Valerie Furrow, the TruHealth™ Transformation Challenge Grand Prize winner, is considered to be a true hero by many people! She lost 76 lbs. and 112 inches during the Transformation Challenge! **

Valerie is not stopping her journey of improving her health and wellness. She has already signed up for the newest TruHealth Transformation Challenge (which opened up for registration on May 1). If you are inspired by Valerie’s success, join her for the new TruHealth Transformation Challenge!

The contest opened for registration on May 1, 2019. All participants in the program must purchase at least one of the four TruHealth bundles during each month of the qualification.

1) TruHealth 30-Day Fat-Loss System Value Custom Bundle. Item# 60601

2) “Wear My Skinny Jeans Again” Bundle. Item# 81401

3) TruHealth Maintenance Custom Value Bundle. Item# 61301

4) TruHealth Bundle and EMPACT+™ Value Bundle. Item# 83801.

SPECIAL OFFER: To provide you extra help and motivation to lose fat and win cash, we will give you $50 in loyalty points^ when you purchase the TruHealth Bundle and EMPACT+ Value Bundle (Retail price: $269.99; Associate price: $241.99; PV:242; Item#: 83801). Available for one-time orders and auto orders that generated between May 6 and May 17, 2019. * †

To enter the contest, visit For more details, visit



^Loyalty Points awarded only if order is generated between these dates. Loyalty Points for one-time orders containing the promotional item number will be issued after the month end closing of the purchased month. Loyalty Points will not be issued for orders redeemed using Loyalty points. Loyalty points are valid one year after issue.

† When combined with a reduced calorie diet and exercise.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** Individual results may vary. The foundation of this system is slow, steady, and sustainable improvements in the body composition. Weight loss results greater than 2 pounds per week are not typical.