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A portion of Friday evening was devoted to the 3 Point Plan and personal development and how the system can work for YOU.

Luciano Fidalgo, Dr. Steven Hines and Merri-jo Hillaker shared the foundation of this system, what they’ve learned over the years and how you can use it to your benefit.

General Manager Bob Adam opened the session sharing his trip to South Africa and the vision, culture and rhythm that make up the 3 Point Plan.



Luciano Fidalgo, Silver Presidential and Chairman of the North American Advisory Committee gave an overview of the 3 Point Plan. Every group has a system, he said. And, he declared that there is nothing better to do with our lives than what we are doing today.

The 3 Point Plan is a system of duplication. It involves 1) structure 2) personal development and 3) leadership development. Improve your people skills. Read books. “Be a sponge and learn from the system, said Luciano. “Make your car a university on wheels. It will help you get to where you want to go.”



Dr. Steve Hines talked about the importance of personal development and the Champion Series. “Belief in the system is what matters,” he said. “Limiting thoughts will only stall you. You must believe in yourself and network marketing. The formula for success is Belief plus Decision in Action plus Commitment equals Success.”

Dr. Hines suggested reading books such as, Think and Grow Rich, and Go Pro. “Learn that it’s all about the power of thinking. We must access the minds of brilliant people and be patient with the simple process,” he said.

Next on stage was Merri-jo Hillaker who talked about the Achievers position. “You are only as good as the leaders you develop,” she said. “Don’t babysit the consumers. You want to focus on those who are doing active leadership. Leverage is the beauty of the model. Tap into people who know what you don’t.”

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