Mannatracker Is Leading the Way

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During Friday’s general session, Associates Jeff Harden, Joan Mallory and Keith Gerber shared the success they’re having with Mannatech’s new accountability manager.

“Mannatracker is a powerful tool that everyone needs to be using,” said General Manager Bob Adam during the introductions.

Associate Jeff Harden first pointed out that there is significantly more improvement when people write down their goals, make actionable commitments and share their progress. “Mannatracker works on all devices,” said Harden, “so you can use it anywhere. At night, I check off all that I did that day. A daily tracker should be your center focus. I am always checking off and doing what the habits tracker says.”

Associate Joan Mallory admitted she is not technically savvy, but she agreed that she needs to do this (Mannatracker). She was told by her upline to simply click on the link when you log on; and once she did, she fell in love. “I don’t miss a day,” she said. “I always remember to log on at the end of the day because I know my upline will be checking. It’s a commitment level, not a skill.”

“Follow up with new people and explain the benefits and how you can help them see the results that are gained,” said Associate Keith Gerber, who really enjoys getting new people started. “Mannatracker gets us doing the right habits. It makes us focus on the daily activities,” he said. “When you add up your daily activities, you get 16 points.” He had the audience repeat after him. “Let’s get to 16, every day!”

Gerber suggests that all upline leaders make sure your downlines are using the tool correctly. He advised to step in and help, because you want to make sure they are getting results. He believes Mannatracker ensures early success. It’s a tool that allows this!

Get engaged in the Mannatracker scavenger hunt game during MannaFest 2015, and collect all three buttons.

Turbocharge your business’s growth today. Sign up for mannatracker. It’s free.

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