From Fast Food to First Class

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Name: David Lee

Location: Canada

When he was growing up in Toronto, CA, Lee played as an all-star defenseman in ice hockey, he was physically fit and his life was joyful.  All that changed with he ordered his first hamburger.

He went from a normal kid who rode a skateboard to school, to weighing 265 pounds by age 18. He worked in the fast-food industry and was a devoted employee, but found it hard to maintain a healthy mindset. Today, he never wants to miss a day without Mannatech products.

Lee believes that the Mannatech business opportunity will help a lot of people, especially when the economy turns. He learned firsthand that no job or career is safe in the new economy. He is honored and feels privileged to work with leaders who help him grow.

“It is a dream to be around so many influential people,” said Lee. “Growth is guaranteed with strong leadership. We are building a legacy for our children and bringing hope to those who need change. Everything I’ve encountered with Mannatech has been first class and I’m ALL IN for life.”

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