Stay-At-Home Mom Pays it Forward

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Name: Kathy Martz

Rank:  Presidential Director

Location: U.S.

Kathy Martz paid off her home loan, thanks in part to income she generated in the three years after joining Mannatech. This is the clearest example of how Mannatech improved the quality of Martz’ family’s life. Through Mannatech, she found financial security, but not before she examined the opportunity extremely closely.

Kathy Martz, a stay-at-home mom, was continually on the lookout for ways to increase the quality of her family’s life. Before diving into direct sales, she attended Mannatech meetings and met with Mannatech’s Research and Development team to see the laboratory and learn the process that goes into making Mannatech products. She strongly felt that if she was going to share the opportunity with others, she had to know deep down that is was the right thing to do. The fit was right, and Mannatech changed her life forever.

After just three years of joining Mannatech, Martz was able to pay off her home loan. Soon thereafter, she received a letter announcing her Presidential Director status. She also won an all-expense-paid trip to the Presidential Summit in Hawaii.

“My friends could see the difference and wanted whatever I was taking,” said Martz. “I guess you could say I had 100 percent signups because it’s really all about relationship building.  My friends and family knew I had their best interest in mind — their spiritual and physical well-being.”

She calls her Mannatech business “Team Hope,” and she’s proud to be paying the gift of health, opportunity, purpose and edification forward.

Anyone’s individual earnings or lifestyle as an Associ­ate are strictly dependent upon the individual’s enterprise in his/her area, effort expended, his/her skill, and the market available to him/her. Mannatech makes no guarantee of earnings or lifestyle.

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