Family Matters — The Breakthrough for Kevin Robbins

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At Mannatech, the path to success is lined with dramatic, incredible stories! Top leaders have experienced profound, breakthrough moments in their lives — dramatic experiences that drove and inspired them to reach for the stars.

Kevin Robbins, Silver Presidential Director and NAAC Member, was following a typical career path before finding Mannatech — he had a college education and a good corporate job. Hear how much of a difference Mannatech has made in his life, in spite of his own belief that he didn’t have time to commit to a Mannatech business.

“Really, the best thing I got out of this business was family. I met my wife on a Mannatech incentive trip. Today we have two kids, and because of Mannatech, both of us are stay-at-home parents. To do that and be involved in our kids’ life is priceless.” – Kevin Robbins

Watch and listen now.

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