Direct Bonus Update – The Summer Just Got a Little Hotter!

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To help Associates earn as many Direct Bonuses as possible, Mannatech has updated its 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion.

Now through BP 8, an Associate can earn the extra bonus each time he/she signs up two All-Stars within one BP. The promotion is no longer limited to earning just one bonus per BP; so you can earn the bonus an unlimited amount of times through the end of BP 8 (July 31), as long as you are signing up two new All-Stars within one BP! Remember, All-Star sign-ups related to this promotion do not carry over to the next BP. At the beginning of each new BP the All-Star count starts over, so be sure you sign up two!

Think of what you can do with extra cash in your pocket:

-Take a trip or vacation this summer

-Buy a new outfit or wardrobe

-Pay off your mortgage or car payments

-Take a new higher education course

-Treat yourself to a spa day

-Take your children or grandkids to an amusement park

This promotion is hot, hot, hot – so don’t miss out on earning this extra cash. There are only six more weeks left, so be sure to take advantage of this sizzling summer promotion. Remember, the Direct Bonus is for North American Associates only.

Also, don’t forget about the $400 Power Bonus Program, which gives Associates three full BPs to earn the bonus by enrolling three additional All Stars, for a total of four. Unlike the Direct Bonus promotion, the Power Bonus Program rolls off every three Business Periods. For more information on the Power Bonus Program, please click here.

The Direct Bonus Promotion and Power Bonus Program, combined with using Success Tracker, can help you earn your way to the Mayan Riviera Incentive Trip. For more information on the Mayan Riviera Incentive Challenge, click here.

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