Enthusiasm, Excitement on Display at Asia MannaFest

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On October 31, thousands of leaders and customers from around Asia gathered at the COEX center in Seoul, Korea to celebrate their accomplishments at Asia MannaFest.

Mannatech’s largest global event gave attendees a show they would not soon forget. Led by Patrick Park, Mannatech’s Regional President of Asia, the event included a cutting-edge stage production and “wow” inducing décor. Asia MannaFest attendees were treated to performances from top entertainers as well as presentations by Park and other Mannatech leaders and Associates.

Additionally, Mannatech launched Cognitate, a brain health supplement, and Freshden, a fluoride-free, premium toothpaste with aloe vera gel.  The reception of the event and new products reflect the region’s growing middle-class that is making health and wellness a priority.

In addition, Mannatech’s entire Board of Directors made the trip to Asia for the first time ever to tour Mannatech’s Asia Regional Offices, underscoring the Asia-Pacific market’s prominent role in the company’s international expansion.

Other Asia MannaFest special guests and speakers included Al Bala; Global Wellness Director, Steve Nugent; and M5M℠  Foundation Executive Director, Sarah Bowen.

Park’s drive and dedication was key to the execution of the event. He engaged staff members from the Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong offices, who put in enormous efforts to make Asia MannaFest a successful event.

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