Family Comes First

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Name: Kristi Kozel

Rank: National Director

Area: Canada


Family, community service and financial security are at the center of Kristi Kozel’s life. But when she found those three elements coming in conflict, Mannatech helped her to find balance.

With experience as a 911 operator and dispatcher for the fire department and for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Kozel’s life was dedicated to serving her community. However, after her son was born, she found that her new family responsibilities and 12-hour work shifts were taking a toll. Her health began to decline and her deep desire to be a mom ‘first’ and spend more time with her son became stronger and stronger. She needed to strike a balance and Mannatech offered her that chance.

As she learned more about Mannatech and its patented nutritional technology, Kozel saw it as a huge opportunity to improve her health, secure her family’s financial future and help make the world a better place. Most importantly, it would allow her to spend much more quality time with her loved ones.

“I love helping people thrive, not just survive, and I am so excited for what’s in store for all of us in the next few years,” said Kozel. “I feel fabulous and get to work with an amazing team. I continually learn, grow, educate and enjoy helping people realize their purpose and potential that may have gotten lost along life’s path.”

Her success with Mannatech has exposed Kozel to new experiences and allowed her to meet people from around the world while travelling with the Mannatech family to places such as Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, the Mexican Riviera and the Bahamas.

The icing on the cake for her is the mission of helping malnourished children all over the world through the M5M Foundation. With Mannatech, she found that she can serve more than just her family and community, but the world as well.

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