Power Bonus Program and 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion FAQs

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FAQs Regarding the Power Bonus Program and 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion

The Power Bonus and 1,2,3 Direct Bonus programs provide a great way for Mannatech Associates to earn cash rewards while growing their businesses. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help ensure the bonus programs are being used to their greatest potential.

What is the Power Bonus Program?

The $400 Power Bonus focuses on the sale of qualifying All-Star product enrollment packs in North America.

How do I qualify for the Power Bonus Program?

After an Associate enrolls a new All-Star, he/she has three full business periods to earn their Power Bonus by enrolling three additional All-Stars for a total of four. If a Power Bonus is not earned after the third full business period, any enrolled All-Star count prior to those three business periods will roll off. The count continues based on three full consecutive business periods until the Personal Power Bonus is earned and then the count starts over.

What is the 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion?

The 1,2,3 Direct Bonus is in conjunction with the Power Bonus Program. To capitalize on the 1,2,3: Any Associate who, in one business period between April 11 (BP 5) and July 31 (BP 8), enrolls two All-Star Associates will earn an additional Direct Bonus for a total of three. The additional Direct Bonus can be earned once per business period for the four business periods of this extended promotion.

How long is the promotion?

The 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion has been extended through Business Period 8 (July 31, 2015).

Does the 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion affect the current Direct Bonus payout?

No. The 1,2,3 Direct Bonus does not affect the current Direct Bonus payout as explained in our Compensation Plan. The additional one-time payment for enrolling two All-Star Associates or more at $499/$999 will be $75/$150 subsequently, regardless of enroller’s Associate status.


For more information, please visit: http://library.mannatech.com/6909 (English), http://library.mannatech.com/6910 (Spanish) or https://mannatech2.s3.amazonaws.com/mtlibrary/21831235243293.pdf (English and Chinese).

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