Ashly Torian Shares How to E.N.D. the Diet Drama

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MannaFest attendees enjoyed an informative breakout session conducted by fitness expert Ashly Torian on Friday afternoon. She discussed three easy, sure-fire ways to experience freedom, rather than stress, with food and your body. “Once we surrender to food and relax, we can burn fat,” she said.

Ashly discovered at an early age that many people ride the weight-and-diet roller coaster. And, after noticing many of her clients stuck on this relentless ride, she knew something needed to change.

“When we focus only on our weight, we’re limited in what we can accomplish,” she said. “But when we’re in a relaxed state, our digestion is optimized and we more readily burn fat for energy. The pace at which we eat plays a big part in our digestion, too. The slower, the better.”


Ashly’s solution to E.N.D. the diet drama:

  1. Negative-Thought Fast – See if you can go an hour without a negative thought. We have up to 13 negative thoughts about our body every day. Begin by cutting out negative thoughts altogether. Transform your body by changing the way you speak to yourself.
  2. Simple breathing techniques help to reduce negative thoughts.
  3. Slow Down – It’s not all about what you eat, but also how you eat. Embrace the power of pause when you begin eating a meal or when you get a food craving.
  4. Pause, breathe and ask yourself why and what you’re about to eat.
  5. Stop Dieting – Forget about the mindset of dieting to lose weight. Many diets lean toward masculine archetypes, not feminine natures, limiting females from losing weight.

“Once we embrace the full aspect of who we are and apply these tips, we’ll be able to see results,” Ashly concluded.


Ashly’s book, Join me in the E.N.D. Zone, is available at MannaFest. Purchase a signed copy today. It’s also available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

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