Kosher Certification Ensures Quality Products

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Mannatech is committed delivering the safest and highest quality products possible for our Associates and Members. In fact, many of Mannatech’s products in the U.S. and South Africa are NSF certified. We also recognize the importance and value of kosher certification for our products.

We are happy to announce that a number of our top-selling products sold in the U.S., South Africa and Canada have been recertified with a reputable kosher certification agency, EarthKosher. They specialize in natural, organic and specialty products and provide supervision and follow-up inspections to ensure that their annual 7-step certification process is comprehensive.

The kosher symbol has become synonymous with food and dietary supplement accountability, quality and safety. Being certified kosher means that our manufacturers and our product ingredients comply with a strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality. Our product labels and our online and print materials will be updated accordingly to reflect the new kosher certification. Mannatech is proud to carry the kosher trademark again.

We continue to maintain these products at the highest possible standards so the consumers of our products can use them with confidence.

The following products are certified as kosher in the United States, South Africa and Canada.


United States and South Africa

Advanced Ambrotose® capsules

Advanced Ambrotose powder

Ambrotose® complex capsules

Ambrotose AO® capsules

Optimal Support Packets

OsoLean® powder

Phyt·Aloe® capsules

PhytoMatrix® caplets

PLUS™ caplets



Advanced Ambrotose capsules

Advanced Ambrotose powder

Ambrotose complex

Ambrotose AO capsules

Optimal Support Packets (pending)

OsoLean powder

Phyt·Aloe capsules

PhytoMatrix caplets (pending)

PLUS caplets


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