LIFT™ Body Lotion – Buy One Get One Free!

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Mannatech is offering a LIFT Body Lotion promotion you can’t beat – buy one, get one FREE!

Drench your skin with Mannatech’s intensive, moisturizing body lotion. Light and luscious LIFT Body Lotion glides softly onto your skin to reveal the appearance of a more smooth, even texture. You’ll look and feel younger all over.

Ninety percent of those who tried the Body Lotion experienced decreased skin flakiness for up to eight hours after a single application.

LIFT Body Lotion’s Botanical Ingredients:

  • Cupuacu butter – A creamy emollient butter derived from the cupuacu tree in Brazil that helps boost the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Shea butter – A plant butter derived from the African shea tree known to provide moisturizing and conditioning properties for the skin.
  • Sodium hyaluronate – A skin-conditioning polysaccharide that, when applied to the skin, can form a protective layer, helping restore hydration and skin moisture retention.
  • Sunflower seed oil – Radiant, sunny, and warm, the sunflower is one of our most beautiful botanicals. The oil expressed from its seeds provides long-lasting moisturization and conditions the skin.

LIFT Body Lotion is soon to be discontinued and supply is limited, so take advantage of this special offer today, order item #90401. Promotion available in U.S. only. Associate price: $28, APO: $7.38. Member price: $31.82, APO: $4.05. One-time orders only, while supplies last.

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†Based on a 12-week study by Stephens & Associates, Carrollton, Texas; funded by Mannatech, Incorporated.

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