Liqin Shen and Alicia Liu- Our Story

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My name is Liqin Shen. Prior to 2009, I was a civil servant, engineer and entrepreneur. Since 2009, I have been a professional network marketer with Mannatech. In 2011, I became a Presidential Director and the first Silver Presidential Director in “Happy Team” Canada. I am a founding member of the “Happy Team,” a member of the Mannatech Chairman club and now a Platinum Presidential Director (PPD).*

My wife, Alicia Liu, was previously an engineer assistant and worked with Shell in their Huizhou Branch in China. Today, she too is a Mannatech Platinum Presidential Director!*

In September 2009, my wife and I were looking for high-quality supplements for our family. After watching a video about the experience of sharing Mannatech, we were so impressed that we began to learn more about the importance of the Glyconutrients used by Mannatech in the development of their supplements.

At that time, my family and I had immigrated to Vancouver and I was looking for a career or business opportunity. With my government work, engineering background and my experience in running my own business, I immediately recognized the opportunity Mannatech presented.

My upline, Mr. Hanson Ma, an outstanding professional and network marketer with a tremendous amount of wisdom, shared with my wife and me his own experience with 21 other multilevel marketing companies. After all that research, he realized that Mannatech was the best company to work with because of the technologies used in the development of their products. He also highlighted the huge demand in high-quality dietary supplements in China, a market that Mannatech is now operating in under the cross-border e-commerce model.^

As a result of Mr. Ma’s encouragement and my own research, I believed that Mannatech was the dream career and the business I was looking for. At that moment, I made the commitment to work full-time with Mannatech. We were the first full-time Chinese dealers the moment we stepped into Mannatech. I knew immediately, I must be a PPD 白金总裁!I knew the importance of belief!

We are so grateful that we have the chance to partner with Mannatech and their mission. We simply believe this has been awarded to us by destiny, which we dearly value.

Even so, our start was not an easy one. Every day, we invited friends and presented Mannatech’s products. Yet all the prospects (six total) whom we met with the entire first week either declined us or rejected us with contempt. It was apparently a total “failure.” I acquired some knowledge of Glyconutrition, while the majority did not know what it was. I like network marketing, whereas the mass doesn’t. They even object unintentionally. Most of us get used to working for an employer and do not believe direct sales can lead to the path of financial success. Some even feel direct sales is nothing but enrolling people. For me, I did not take it as “failure.” On the contrary, I regarded it as practice. I realized that understanding their needs is much more important than what we can offer. It was not until the 7th prospect that I finally understood his needs for health and shared with him what he needed. He became my customer.

A vast group of customers need Mannatech’s variety of products. “Either be the best, or be special.” The real effects of the products make a solid foundation for our career.

We lack neither customers nor their recognition. But surprisingly, we realized our career path is full of hardship. Many customers expressed their heart-felt gratitude to us for having shared Mannatech’s products. Meanwhile they hesitate to share with their families and friends. Moreover, many of our own family members would come up and say “direct sales is no good, just use the products and keep quiet.” Those who wanted to take it as a career were only willing to share the health information. And that was it. We then recognized the significance of building up a belief system, which is: “Sharing is a merit. Mannatech is an asset and a channel to build additional income.”* Several of us became good business partners. We started to build up our team, seek support and look for a system. Luckily, our strong desire received a response. We are so grateful to have Dr. Steven Hines as our instructor, who helped us set up our system with his wisdom and virtues. We are also grateful for Dr. Susan Sun’s love and generous guidance that leads us Chinese to health. In addition, the Chinese get their own official product guidelines in Canada. We also owe our gratitude to Angela Manuel, our General Manager of Canada who started to support our team when it was tiny. She cared and witnessed our growth.

We started our business by using the convenience of McDonalds and Starbucks, where we met our prospects and shared product knowledge. We began from nothing and slowly started to print our own flyers. Now we have our complete Hines System. We grew from building a team to cooperating closely with leaders. We experienced all the challenges and growing pains of starting a new business. This is not all. We went through all the growing steps as well. We persisted and succeeded step by step. How did we do it? Firstly, we strongly believe that through helping others become healthy and financially successful, we can do the same. Secondly, we accept and even welcome the hardship and challenges. We know a sense of success comes side by side with hardship. Thirdly, we are always grateful and keep up by learning new knowledge!

We all had done different careers. In the sense of traditional viewpoints, we had been fortunate. While among all the career paths, dedicating ourselves to Mannatech is the most enjoyable. Why? Through Mannatech’s business, we build up harmonious personal relationships. The cooperation among the Core Group creates friendship and enhances our core values. These include Hedy, Mr. Cai and other leaders. We are so proud when we help and witness more partners regain health and zest for a better life. As for ourselves, we enjoy the financial benefits Mannatech provides us. We feel that our efforts are recognized and we are growing. Meanwhile, our family is blessed. My wife has always been my business partner. Our son witnesses our experience. Nothing is more exciting than the fact that husband and wife can understand the same language, seek the same success and grow together. We now enjoy so much of the financial benefits and of the lifestyle which comes with it.* We love traveling, music and sharing. Every year, we travel to China and never forget to share Mannatech products with people around us.^ China has great needs for Mannatech’s products.^ Whenever we need to go, we go. Our business is developed where we are and where our relatives and friends are. Our happiness is right there!

In Canada, we bought our first house with our commissions from Mannatech.* My wife enrolled in drawing classes.*

PPD has been my career goal and is now my new starting point. My new goal is to become Q13 PPD within two years and to strive for 2-Star Platinum. Setting a goal is not stressful. On the contrary, it enables us to keep up with a healthy rhythm. We feel rejuvenated. More importantly, it sets up the hopes for our lives. Nothing is more exciting than a life full of hope and anticipation.

* The foregoing is not a representation of what you may or will earn. Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, the customer base available to you and the time devoted to your business and differ from Associate to Associate.^Mannatech operates in China under a cross-border e-commerce platform that is separate from its network marketing model.